We buy, sell, trade, rent both new and pre-owned (used) instrument and avionic aviation test equipment both for ramp/flight-line and bench/shop environments.

Aero Express has been in business over 20 years and has bought and sold over 75 million dollars of test equipment.  We stand behind the equipment we sell as evidenced by the large number of manufacturers that have entrusted us to sell and service their products, year after year. We are authorized by many test equipment manufactures to represent them and their products for selling, service, repair and calibration.

We will help you determine or compare what test equipment you may need for new, existing, or upgrading capabilities of your shop within your budget. We have been solving test equipment puzzles for over 20 years. Let our experts help you and be your source for aviation test equipment.

If you need one piece of test equipment or are starting an entire avionics/instrument shop, we will be there to share our knowledge and experience!  Contact us today!

A sampling of our specialties are TCAS, ADSB, UAT, TIS, Data Buses and Mode “S.” All equipment offered has an outstanding warranty that is backed up by our ISO-17025 calibration lab, Express Calibration Services. The items we provide pass the rigorous testing from our calibration lab so you can be assured you are receiving quality test equipment that is ready to be put in service. A sampling of the OEM’s we specialize in are Tel Instrument, Aeroflex (IFR, JCAir), Navaids, Barfield, Honeywell, Laversab, Simmonds, King Radio, Linaire, Rockwell Collins, Avionics Specialist, Tri-Star Technologies, Ruska, Welnavigate, Bendix.

Aero Express is always looking to purchase quality pre-owned avionics test equipment that we can add to our inventory. Acquisition of this equipment can be a result of surplus to the ongoing needs of a repair facility or operator, a repair shop or operator closing down, or a bankruptcy. We can purchase one piece or the entire shop. A sampling of the OEM’s we are looking to purchase are Tel Instrument, Aeroflex (IFR, JCAir), Navaids, Barfield, Honeywell, Laversab, Simmonds, King Radio, Linaire, Rockwell Collins, Avionics Specialist, Tri-Star Technologies, Ruska, Welnavigate, Bendix. Aerospatiale, Testek.

Aero Express has been selling test equipment for over 20 years and has seen many competitors come and go over the years. You can rest assured that when you buy equipment from us we will be here to take care of you after the sale and we have an ISO-17025, Express Calibration Services, that can keep your equipment in top of the line shape for many years.

If you are wanting to add capabilities to your facility, we will help you determine the equipment needed to do so and recommend new and/or pre-owned products that you will need to test the new technologies that are coming to market. Aero Express was chosen by Tel-Instrument to be their exclusive distributor and our calibration lab, Express Calibration Services, is the exclusive calibration facility here in the United States.. A sampling of the OEM’s we sell are Tel Instrument, Aeroflex (IFR, JCAir), Navaids, Barfield, Honeywell, Laversab, Simmonds, King Radio, Linaire, Rockwell Collins, Avionics Specialist, Tri-Star Technologies, Ruska, Welnavigate, Bendix. Aerospatiale, Testek.

Aero Express trade-in program is a thriving part of our business as many new technologies are coming to the marketplace. A customer will inquire about a piece of test equipment to be able to test new equipment being installed and we will quote him on that item. We will then inquire about the older piece of equipment he is using and will not need once he purchases the new test set from us. We will come to an agreed upon trade in price and complete the transaction by saving the customer thousands of dollars in many instances. Sometimes trade-ins are the only way to get the funding for a new piece of test equipment as most manufactures do not accept trade-ins.

By Aero Express being flexible in this arena, we have conducted many trade-in transactions as this is a win for both the customer and ourselves.

If you need a piece of test equipment for a short period of time to perform work for a customer, or your unit is out for calibration, Aero Express can offer you a rental to meet your needs.

Aero Express’ rental program is very popular among our customers. As one of originators of test equipment rentals, we know what our customers want in the marketplace. The areas we focus on are having the item calibrated, in stock and ready to ship at a moments notice. This task is made easier as we have an ISO-17025 calibration lab that can expedite any repair/calibration so our stock levels can be achieved in the rental program. If you do not see the item you are needing to rent, just contact us as there is a good chance we can add the item into the rental program from our extensive inventory as to meet your needs.

Our years of experience in test equipment has been utilized by our customer base so we can make suggestions on equipment needs to start their repair shop. Many times our suggestions can save the project thousands of dollars as we understand the cross capabilities of the test equipment, so one box can do the job of another as well! We also offer both new and used equipment that may work better with your budget.

Let us know the capabilities you would like to have and we will recommend the equipment you will need. Also, you may need to upgrade an existing capability to streamline your production. You may need to start a satellite location and need to have duplicate equipment.

Take advantage of this service for We do not charge for this service and we have been doing this for many years. We can assist in Basic Avionics Shop-Flight Line Maintenance as well as Bi-Annual Certifications/Inspections, Bench Repair/Return to Service. We can help you find the right equipment within your budget.

Visit add a capability in the menu tab for more detail or call for a specialist to help you.

The addition of an ISO-17025 calibration lab has enabled Aero Express to provide fast, efficient and quality service and performance. By not being dependent upon a third party calibration facility, we are able to exceed our customer’s expectations. Over the past few years, Express Calibration not only has supported our endeavors at Aero Express, but has been growing and meeting the needs of hundreds of customers, year after year.

Not all calibration shops are created equal. We have a background in the equipment being tested by the equipment so we understand the unit under test. This allows us to understand not only the calibration but the functionality of the test equipment. We have an avionics repair shop background and our technicians are knowledgeable in repair to component level. Therefore, many customers depend on us to repair their equipment when others can only calibrate it.

We have been appointed the exclusive calibration/repair facility for Tel-Instrument her in the United States. We are also an authorized service center for legacy products for Aeroflex, including some of the JCAir/Goodrich/IFR product lines. Our customer base includes both air transport and regional airlines, OEM’s, FAA certified repair stations, military and their subcontractors, both here in the US and abroad. Our vast capability list along with experienced technicians and state of the art test equipment has added to the expedited growth of Express Calibration Services. Visit expresscal.com for a list of capabilities.

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