Introducing GE Measurement & Control ADTS552F Air Data Test Set with Bluetooth ADTS Touch*

As an authorized distributor, Aero Express is introducing the new GE Measurement & Control ADTS552F Air Data Test Set. The ADTS552F is a portable two-channel flight-line pitot static tester with large pitot static volume capability for use on a wide range of aircraft, from light aircraft to wide-body passenger and cargo aircraft. It allows testing for pitot static air data validation, leak testing, fault-finding, and avionics instrumentation testing.

To ensure accuracy that is suitable for RVSM Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum) validation, the new ADTS552F incorporates advanced Druck TERPS (Torch Etched Resonant Pressure Sensor) technology.

To satisfy the demand for a smooth rate of change into a high pitot static volume, the ADTS552F used Druck proportional control technology coupled with a large pump capacity.

The ADTS Touch* is a removable, robust wireless hand terminal that communicates with the test set via secure Bluetooth wireless technology. This technology and the innovative design of the ADTS Touch* eliminates the need to run cables or hoses into the cockpit.

Trade in your used air data test set toward the purchase of a new ADTS552F. Use Aero Express’s RFQ Form to obtain pricing, lead time and trade-in value. A Customer Service agent will contact you immediately or you may call direct at (816) 246-4500.

For a short product video from GE Measurement & Control see