Model Number: Barfield DPS450

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    Digital Air Data Test Set

    Meets RVSM Accuracy Requirements

    Aero Express is an Authorized Distributor for the Barfield DPS450 Digital Air Data Test Set.

    To view click here: Standard Warranty Policy DPS450 Data Sheet Barfield DPS 450 Manual

    Aero Express will buy, sell, trade, and rent the DPS450 depending on your needs. The DPS450 completes an entire line of Barfield Digital Pitot-Static/Air Data testers. Designed to minimize aircraft downtime, the DPS-450 is one of the lowest cost fully automated Air Data Testers meeting the high accuracy demands of Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum (RVSM) specifications on the market.


    • Fully automated unit
    • Optional handheld remote control
    • Database capable of saving the limit data of different aircraft and stored in a battery backed memory
    • GO TO GROUND feature automatically and safely depressurizes both systems to ambient pressure
    • Compact and lightweight for quick and easy portability
    • RVSM Compliant

    1-Year Factory Barfield Warranty on all new products.


    Express Calibration is an Authorized ISO-17025 Calibration and Repair shop for the Barfield DPS450. Visit for full capabilities.

    All units will be sold with a current calibration certificate. If factory new, a manufacturer’s Certificate of Conformance (C of C) will be provided.

    Since its inception, Express Calibration Services has supported Aero Express’ endeavors in providing test equipment support services.

    They perform calibrations for General Aviation, Corporate Aviation, OEMs, FAA Repair Stations, Military, as well as Regional and Air Transport Airlines. Express Calibration Services offers their services when you have a requirement for calibration or repair of your test equipment.