Model Number: IFR I-1402

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    Mode 4 Accessory Unit

    To view click here: Standard Warranty Policy I-1402 Data Sheet  

    Aero Express will buy, sell and trade the I-1402 depending on your needs.  The I-1402 Mode 4 accessory unit is designed to interface with the ATC-1400A Transponder/DME Test Set.  The I-1402 provides additional pulse code modulation for test ATC, Mode 4 transponders extending the ATC-1400A test capability to include Modes 1, 2, 3/A, C & 4.  The I-1402 also provides the ATC-1400A with Interrogator test capability for Modes 1, 2, A, C, & Mode 4.


    • NATO codified
    • Easy to operate
    • IEEE-488 GPIB via ATC 1400A
    • KIT/KIR crypto simulation
    • External KIT/KIR crypto interface
    • 4096 code & altitude encoder

    90-Day Warranty