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Air data test sets for pitot static testing

Increasingly crowded airspace makes correct calibration of aircraft cockpit instrumentation paramount for safety in the skies. GE’s Druck family of air data test sets (ADTS) are portable pitot static testers for use in flightline pitot static data testing and validation, leak testing, fault-finding and other avionics instrumentation testing. New wireless ADTS models and well-proven wired ADTS versions serve both civil and military operators and maintainers for a wide range of aircraft types. To View the GE Measure & Control Catalog (click here)

GE ADTS542F Pitot Static Tester

GE ADTS552F Pitot Static Tester

GE ADTS553F Pitot Static Tester

GE ADTS554F Air Data Tester

GE Druck ADTS 403 Air Data Test System