LinAire Engineering has been designing and manufacturing interface test panels and cables since 1966 for the aviation industry. An example of the systems tested are Com/Nav, ADF, Audio Amp and Control, DME, Glidescope, Headset, Inverter, Marker, Area Nav, Remote Com, Remote Nav, Radar, Radar Altimeter, and Transponders. We have designs for over 500 avionic and instrument units and can provide custom designs per our customer’s request.

LinAire L-260 Audio Control Test Panel

LinAire L-280 ADF Control Panel

LinAire LA-6 Lightweight Avionics Test Panel

LinAire LD-4 DME Control Panel

LinAire LG-5 Glide Slope Panel

LinAire LG-6 Glide Slope Test Panel

LinAire LH-4 Microphone, Headset Test Set

LinAire LM-4 Marker Beacon Receiver Test Panel

LinAire LR-1 Area Nav Control Test Panel

LinAire LRA-2 Radar Altimeter Test Panel