Model Number: Buller Enterprise Panel Pro 5925

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    Computer Aided Router

    Aero Express is an Authorized Distributor for the Buller Enterprises Pamel Pro 5925 Computer Aided Router.

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    Aero Express will buy, sell and trade the Panel Pro 5925 depending on your needs.  The Panel Pro Model 5925 is a computer controlled router optimized for aluminum sheet metal 1/8″ thick.  It has an x axis (width) travel of 59 inches, y axis (height) travel of 25 inches, and a z axis (up and down) travel of 3.125 inches.


    • Large Cutting Area
    • Upgraded router
    • Software controlled Z axis for 3D operation
    • Cuts a typical instrument panel in less than an hour
    • Can cut a 59” x 25” panel in one set up

    1-Year Factory Buller Enterprises Warranty on all new products.