Add A Capability To Your Shop or Flightline

Our years of experience in test equipment has been utilized by our customer base so we can make suggestions on equipment needs to start their repair shop. Many times our suggestions can save the project thousands of dollars as we know the cross capabilities of the test equipment, so one box can do the job of another as well! It makes sense to work with us as we do not charge for this service and we have been doing this for many years. We can assist in Basic Avionics Shop-Flight Line Maintenance as well as Bi-Annual Certifications/Inspections, Bench Repair/Return to Service.

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  • ATC-600A – Transponder DME (Does not test Mode S Transponder)
  • TR-220 – Transponder (Including Mode S), DME, TCAS, ADSB, TIS, Enhanced &Elementary Surveillance, 1090 mhz Extended Squitter


  • T-36C – NAV/COM Tester – Will test the 8.33 KHZ Channel Spacing
  • NAV-401L – NAV/COM Tester
  • NAV-402AP NAV/COM Tester

Pitot Static/Air Data Test Sets

Accessories/Aides for Flight Line Maintenance

  • Nav-Aids – Aircraft Specific Pitot & Static Adaptors, RVSM Kits
  • ARG-5410 MKII – 406 ELT Tester
  • Busmaster 2500 – Databus Analyzer, will test 429, ACSB, 561, 568, 571, 575
  • SC-063 – Sight Compass

Items above can often be offered in serviceable condition. Equipment is calibrated by our ISO 17025 Certified Calibration & Repair Facility.


Non – RVSM Options

  • 1811D – Pitot Static Tester, hand pump only, altimeter and airspeed indicator/analog
  • 1811G – Pitot Static Tester, hand pump only, altimeter and airspeed and VSI/analog
  • 1811HA – Pitot Static Tester, hand & electric pumps, altimeter, airspeed & VSI/analog

Add – AOA to any of the test sets above and the instruments are digital.

RVSM Options

  • DPS-350 Air Data/Pitot Static Test Set (Meets RVSM Requirements)
  • DPS-400 Air Data/Pitot Static Test Set (Meets RVSM Requirements)
  • DPS-450 Air Data Test Set, Automatic operations, add remote hand terminal option for efficient, “one-tech only” test (Meets RVSM Requirements)
  • DPS-500 Air Data Test Set, Automatic operations, rugged case on wheels, popular airline box, includes the remote hand terminal (Meets RVSM Requirements)
  • DPS-1000 Digital Pitot Static Test Set, performs altimeter and static systems tests and inspections.
  • Nav-Aids Pitot/Static Adaptors & Test Kits, aircraft specific, good for efficient and quick testing of instrument.

Having the Nav-Aids “Aircraft Specific” adaptors greatly enhances the test process.

Transponder Options

  • TR-220 – Modes A,C,S,Transponder, DME, ADSB, TIS, Enhanced & Elementary Surveillance, Extended Squitter
  • ATC-600A – Transponder/DME Test Set (Does not test Mode S Transponders)

The Transponder, Pitot Static/Air Data Tester and a quality Digital Voltmeter are items needed for the Bi-Annual Inspections. The test sets above lend themselves to more than just the Bi-Annual Inspection. They are also a good foundation for the basic avionics shop.



  • ATC-1400A – Transponder/DME Bench Test Set
  • 1403DL/MLD – Mode ‘S’ Accessory Tester for the ATC-1400A


  • NAV-750B – NAV/COM Bench Test Set
  • 479S6A – NAV/COM Bench Test Set

Accessories For The Bench

  • VLS-35M-36 – 0-35 AMP, 0-36 VDC Bench Power Supply
  • HP-6369B – 50 AMP, 40 VDC Bench Power Supply
  • Bird 43 – Thruline RF Wattmeter with 25 Watt & 50 Watt Elements
  • 25-T-MN – 25 Watt Dummy Load for Wattmeter
  • FC-8150 – Frequency Counter
  • DS-1200 – 200 MHZ Digital Oscilloscope
  • ASI-101D – Audio Oscillator
  • ASI-190/B, ASI-160, 479V3 – Precision Track Selector
  • Busmaster 2500 – Databus Analyzer; 429, ASCB, 561, 568, 571, 575
  • GR-1840A – Audio Wattmeter


A staple used on avionic benches worldwide are the Linaire Panels & Interface Cables.  Excellent troubleshooting tools for radio & instrument repairs.

  • LA-6 Light Avionics Panel
  • LD-4 DME Panel
  • LX-4 Transponder Panel
  • LXS-4 Mode ‘S’ Transponder Panel
  • LT-6 COM Panel
  • LV-6 NAV Panel
  • L-260 ISO AMP & Audio Control Panel
  • LG-6 Glideslope Panel
  • LM-4 Marker Beacon Panel
  • LH-4 Headset, Headphone, Microphone Test Set
  • L-280 ADF Panel

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