Model Number: IFR MLS-800

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    Generator Test Set

    To view click here: Standard Warranty Policy MLS-800 Data Sheet  MLS-800 Operation Manual

    Aero Express will buy, sell and  trade the MLS-800 depending on your needs.  The MLS-800 is a microprocessor controlled Ground Station Simulator designed to operate from a bench test environment.  Test parameters are selected via a 44-position keyboard and displayed on test operational menus.


    • Test operational menu supports ICAO 1985 and EUROCAE ED-53A and ED-36A
    • Complete main path simulation
    • Complete multi-path (MP) simulation capability
    • Control of all beam parameters
    • Sync capability
    • Preamble parity, symmetry and percent update
    • Simulates all basic data words plus auxiliary data words with parity selection
    • Full range of MLS channels

    90-Day Warranty