Rent Test Equipment

Rent the following types of test equipment:

  • 406 ELT
  • RVSM
  • TCAS
  • DME
  • Transponder (Mode S)
  • Pitot Static
  • ADSB
  • UAT

If you are looking to rent test equipment for a short period of time to perform work for a customer, or if your unit is out for calibration, Aero Express can offer you rental test equipment to meet your needs.

Aero Express’ rental program is very popular among our customers. As one of originators of test equipment rentals, we know what our customers want in the marketplace. The areas we focus on are having the item calibrated, in stock and ready to ship at a moment’s notice.

This task is made easier as we have an ISO/IEC 17025 calibration lab that can expedite any repair/calibration so our stock levels can be achieved in the rental program. 

If there is test equipment that you are interested in renting but do not see on the list below, please contact us at

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Model Description
ADTS542F Flightline ADTS, 2 Channel
ARG 5410 406 MHz ELT Ramp Test Set
DPS 500 RVSM Digital Air Data Test Set
DPS 1000 RVSM Digital Pitot Static Test Set
TR 220 TCAS I, II/Skywatch/DME/XPDR Mode “S”/ADS-B/TIS
IFR 6000 Modes A/C/S XPDR/DME, TCAS Ramp Test Set, UAT
NAV 402AP NAV/COM Ramp Test Set
 ATC 600A DME/XPDR Ramp Test Set


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•   to avoid down time when your unit is out for calibration.

•   to ensure that your test set is in house when the aircraft arrives!

Tell us other items you would like to rent so we may add these to our rental pool.