Model Number: Tel-Instruments (TIC) TR-220

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 Multi-Function Test Set

Aero Express is the only US Authorized Distributor for the Tel-Instrument TR220 Multi-Function Test Set.

To view click here:  Standard Warranty Policy    TR-220 Data Sheet  TR-220 Operation Manual   FAA AC 20-165A 

Aero Express will buy, sell, trade, and rent the TR-220 depending on your needs.    The TR220 completely covers all your ramp testing needs in one small and easy to use package.  Test capability for Traffic and Collision Avoidance Systems (TCAS), Distance Measuring Equipment (DME) and Transponders Modes A, C, Elementary, Enhanced Surveillance and now ADS-B Transmit and Receive capability including DO-260A/B requirements. The TR 220 features state of the art design. Microprocessor control and simple switch layout resulting in an easy-to-use single person operation requiring minimal training.


  • Tests TCAS, DME, and Transponder
  • Transmits and receives ADS-B (1090 MHz squitter)Transmits
  • Traffic Information System (TIS) intruder flight data
  • Performs test requirements per FAR Part 43 Appendix F
  • Meets European test requirements for Mode S Elementary and Enhanced Surveillance
  • Compliant with European CE requirements
  • All units come standard with operators manual, AC power cord (110V or 220V),  directional antenna and cable (hand-held or mounted on side of case), direct connect cable

* Optional – TAP-200 anti-radiation coupler

2-Year Factory Tel-Instruments Warranty on all new products.


Express Calibration is the Authorized ISO-17025 Calibration and Repair shop for the Tel-Instruments TIC TR-220.  Visit for full capabilities. 

All units will be sold with a current calibration certificate. If factory new, a manufacturer’s Certificate of Conformance (C of C) will be provided.

Since its inception, Express Calibration Services has supported Aero Express’ endeavors in providing test equipment support services. Express Calibration Services is an ISO-17025 certified calibration lab. Express Calibration Services has been appointed the exclusive calibration and repair facility for Tel-Instruments in the United States.

They perform calibrations for General Aviation, Corporate Aviation, OEMs, FAA Repair Stations, Military, as well as Regional and Air Transport Airlines. Express Calibration Services offers their services when you have a requirement for calibration or repair of your test equipment.

To view Data Sheet Click here:   Data Sheet TR-220 Data Sheet

Specifications Subject to Change Copyright 2013 © Tel-Instruments Electronics Corp. 19 September 2013

Tel-Instruments TR-220 Multi-Function Test Set Datasheet


• Test Set automatically determines capability of transponder being tested (ATCRBS or Mode S)
• Testing can be done over-the-air and in Direct Connect for better control and tolerance
• Test Set configured for automatic sequencing based on stored criteria or manual control of individual transponder tests
• Full display of test results decoded and measurements performed
• RS-232 connection for download of results to a PC

• Allows testing on all channels (108.00 to 117.95 MHz)
• Measures DME power, frequency, and PRF. Hand-Held Antenna and Direct Connect methods available
• Transmits DME Morse-Code I.D.
• User selection and complete control of DME simulated scenarios

• The TR-220 performs testing of TCAS I, TCAS II and Traffic Advisory Systems
• Allows simulation of ATCRBS or Mode S intruder aircraft
• Permanent storage of 10 intruder scenarios, to simplify TCAS testing and local procedures
• User selection of velocity, starting distance, starting altitude, and vertical speed.
• Measures Relative UUT power and frequency
• Start, Stop, and Hold selections allow technicians to perform bearing/relative heading tests with ease

Transponder Test Specifications *
The TR-220 performs the following tests based on the capabilities of the transponder:
• Mode A – 4096 code, IDENT, percent reply, pulse spacing, pulse width
• Mode C – Altitude (feet and grey code), percent reply, pulse spacing, pulse width
• Side-lobe suppression (SLS)
• Mode A/S and C/S All Call – Mode S address, percent reply
• Mode A Only and Mode C Only
• Mode S Surveillance I.D. (DF5) – Mode S address, percent reply, flight status (Air, Ground, Alert, SPI), Mode S/Mode A 4096 code compare (automatic mode)
• Mode S Surveillance Altitude (DF4) – Mode S altitude, percent reply, Mode S/Mode C altitude compare (automatic mode)
• Mode S Surveillance Short (DF0) – Mode S address, vertical status (Air, ground), percent reply, decoded country code, decoded tail number (if applicable)
• Mode S Comm. I.D. (UF5/DF21) – Mode S ID code, percent reply
• Mode S Comm. Altitude (UF4DF20) – Mode S altitude, percent reply
• Undesired replies (UF11) – Checks for reply to incorrect Mode S interrogation
• Acquisition squitter – Pass/Fail indication of squitter duration, decoded Mode S address, interrogator code
• Extended squitter – Pass/Fail indication of squitter duration, decoded Mode S address
• Max Airspeed – Decodes and displays maximum airspeed
• Diversity – Displays Pass/Fail indication and measured value of RF leakage through Mode S transponder antenna ports
• Sensitivity (MTL) – Measures and displays MTL for Modes A, C, and S
• Measures and displays transponder power (dBm or watts), frequency, and receiver sensitivity (dBm)
• Decodes and displays Flight I.D.
• Decode and displays Mode S address in Octal and Hex

DO-260A/B General Tests Performed but not limited to:
• Decodes and displays Mode S address in Octal and Hex
• Mode S Enhanced Surveillance parameters, including Selected Altitude (BDS4); Roll Angle, True Track Angle, Ground Speed, Track Angle Rate, and True Airspeed (BDS5); Magnetic Heading, Indicated Airspeed, Mach #, Barometric Altitude Rate, and Inertial Vertical Velocity (BDS6)
• Receives and decodes 1090 MHz ADS-B data, including squitter type (airborne position, surface position, aircraft identification/category, and airborne velocity), latitude/longitude, N/S velocity, E/W velocity, Flight I.D., Mode S address, altitude (GNSS or barometric), and airspeed
• Transmits 1090 MHz ADS-B data for four intruder aircraft (airborne or surface position)
• Transmits TIS data for four intruder aircraft

DO-260A/DO240(2) specific parameters tested but not limited to:
• BDS 0,5
• BDS 0,8
• BDC 0,9 Subnet 1, 2, 3, 4
• Velocity Hex
• DF 17 MS Address
• Interrogator Identifier
• Latitude, Longitude
• Airborne Squitter Status Bits – No Info, SPI, Alerts, Mode A 4096 Code
• Squitter Period, Squitter Type (Ext Squitter Airborne Position Report)
• TYPE 28 Report
• BDS 6,1
• TYPE 29 Report
• BDS 6,2 Target State and Status
• Type 31 Report (BDS 6,3)
• Horizontal Position Integrity Information

DO-260B specific parameters tested but not limited to:
• Status Type 28, Type 1 Emergency Report & Type 2, Active RA
• Type 29 – 6,2 Squitter TCAS/ACAS Operational Status, TCAS/ACAS RA, FMC/MPC/FCU Altitude, Pressure and Heading
• Type 29 6,2 ME Field, Squitter type, Target State and Status
• Type 31 6,3 Aircraft Operational Status
• Horizontal Position Status (Nap) Navigation Integrity Category (NIC) for DO-260B
• Latitude/Longitude Compare for position, velocity and system accuracy
• ADS-B IN – Decode and display aircraft ADS-B RX capability in Type 31 Subtype 0
• GPS Antenna Offset.

Receiver           Frequency             Range             1086.5 to 1093.5 MHz
                                                                   Accuracy        ± 200 kHz
                               Power                      Range              47 to 64 dBm
                                                                   Accuracy       ± 2 dB (direct connect)
                                                                                              ± 3 dB (radiated)
                               Sensitivity             Range              -50 to -87 dBm
                                                                  Accuracy        ± 2 dB (direct connect)
                                                                                              ± 3 dB (radiated)
                              Reply Percent      Range              0 to 100%
                                                                 Accuracy        ± 1%

Transmitter    Frequency           1030 MHz ±100 kHz
                              Power                     ≥ 4 dBm
                              Modes                    A, C, S, EHS, ADS-B TX/RX and TIS

TCAS Test Specifications *
The TR-220 allows testing of TCAS I, TCAS II, and Traffic Advisory Systems by simulating either ATCRBS or Mode S intruders. The Setup menu allows operator to configure and store 10 TCAS scenarios, including Distance (1 to 50 NMI), Altitude (-1000 to +99,900 ft.), Vertical Speed (-7,500 to +7,500 fpm) and Velocity (100 to 1200 KTS). The TR-220 provides a relative measurement of TCAS power and frequency.

Transmitter      Frequency         1090 MHz ± 100 KHz
                                Power                   ≥ 4 dBm
                                Modes                  C, S

Receiver           Frequency          1026.5 to 1033.5 MHz
                              Power                    47 to 64 dBm

DME Test Specification *
The TR-220 provides test capability for DME by allowing operator to select test parameters, including Channel (108.00 to 117.95 MHz) and Velocity (120 to 1200 KTS). The TR-220 measures and displays DME PRF (scan rate), power, and frequency. Also, the TR-220 transmits a Morse Code I.D.

Transmitter      Frequency          962 to 1213 MHz ±100 KHz
                                Power                   ≥ 4 dBm

Receiver           Freq. Range                 Channel Freq. ± 3.5 MHz
                               Freq. Accuracy           ± 200 KHz
                               Sensitivity Range      ≤ -35 dBm