Aero Express in the only US Authorized Distributor for Tel-Instruments. We buy, sell, trade, and rent TIC commercial products with capabilities for TCAS, Mode A, C, S Transponder, DO260B, DME, VOR, ILS, NAV, COMM, ADS-B, and TIS-B. Tel-Instrument Electronics Corp. (TIC) is a recognized world leader in the design and manufacture of avionics test equipment. Tel-Instruments has a 60-year tradition of leadership and innovation and the company continues to expand its product line and services to meet emerging customer needs. They specialize in manufacturing multi-function boxes to improve efficiency, allow for better ease of use, and reduce cost of operation. To View the Tel-Instruments Catalog (click here)

Tel-Instruments (TIC) TR-220 TCAS/XPDR/DME Test Set  (Click here to view product video)

Tel-Instruments (TIC) TR-36 NAV/COMM/EPIRB/ELT Test Set  (Click here to view product video)

Tel-Instruments (TIC) T-30D VOR/LOC/GS/MB CAT III Ramp Test Set

Tel-Instruments (TIC) T-36C Portable CAT III NAV/COM Test Set

Tel-Instruments (TIC) T-48D Transponder/DME Test Set

Tel-Instruments (TIC) T-49C/CA TCAS/Transponder Ramp Test Set

Tel-Instruments (TIC) TR-210 Multi-Function Test Set

Tel-Instruments (TIC) TR-211 Transponder/DME Test Set