Model Number: IFR NAV-402AP

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    MKR/NAV/COMM Ramp Test Set

    To view click here: Standard Warranty Policy NAV-402AP Data Sheet 

    Aero Express will buy, sell and trade the NAV-402AP depending on your needs.  The NAV-402AP Test Set is designed to meet the functional testing requirements of CAT I, CAT II and CAT III ILS Systems.


    • Signal Generator for MKR, VOR, LOC, G/S and COMM systems with both XTAL and VAR
    • VOR bearing selectable on 0.1 degree steps
    • Built-in 90 degree bearing monitor of VOR output
    • Simultaneous LCO – G/S output
    • Sweep LOC DDM to test autopilot capture mode

    90-Day Warranty


    Express Calibration is an Authorized ISO-17025 Calibration and Repair shop for the IFR/Aeroflex NAV-402AP.  Visit for full capabilities.

    All units will be sold with a current calibration certificate. If factory new, a manufacturer’s Certificate of Conformance (C of C) will be provided.

    Since its inception, Express Calibration Services has supported Aero Express’ endeavors in providing test equipment support services.

    They perform calibrations for General Aviation, Corporate Aviation, OEMs, FAA Repair Stations, Military, as well as Regional and Air Transport Airlines. Express Calibration Services offers their services when you have a requirement for calibration or repair of your test equipment